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  • Frankie’s Bianco

    Frankie’s Bianco
    So cool, so understated, so effortlessly stylish. Follow in some chic footsteps with these classic leather lace-ups. Made in the finest alabaster goats leather and featuring contoured cushioning, do yourself a favour and hot foot it to these cool treads.

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  • Cole Haan Branson

    Cole Haan Branson
    We like our feet, they do awesome things like get us places and help us balance (unless we’ve had too many cocktails…ehem). So when it comes to saying thanks to our tootsies we don’t think we can splurge enough, especially on shoes as fine as these luxury booties. Brought to you by the famous Dutch makers of Cole Haan, the Branson shoe is durable, comfortable and so damn fine. Cole Haan Branson, be mine.

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  • Russel Leather HiTop

    Russel Leather HiTop
    If you want a classic hi-top but don’t want to wear the same shoe as every.single.other.person then ‘hello Russel Leather!’ You will not regret this shoe. Distinguished, classy and more than just a little bit special.

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  • Nike Customs

    Nike Customs
    You know you want to. Take your need for ‘unique’ to the max and get yourself some of these. Limited edition, unlimited respect. You are awesome.

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  • Del Toror Leather Chukka

    Del Toror Leather Chukka
    Wear green, be seen. These shoes are so fly we want one in every colour. The leather is so freaking soft we’ve found ourselves absent-mindedly caressing them on occasion, which can be awkward. Love the tab detail and double sole cushioning.

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  • Balenciaga Metal HiTops

    Balenciaga Metal HiTops
    If you’re a labels junkie you can’t get much finer than Balenciaga. They make great bags but you can’t wrap your feet in them. Which is why we’re so glad they’ve made these kicks. To top off this happy news they come in a range of metallic leather, so come on spaceman, buy these boots and experience zero gravity.

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Lace EckhartLace Eckhardt has never done things by halves and her latest venture Sidekicks is certainly no exception. Eckhardt, 31 leads a dynamic life, a self-confessed ‘kidult’ she can be found on her BMX heading for an early morning surf, or practicing her skate tricks on the custom half pipe built in her garden.

Having spent half her life trashing numerous pairs of shoes she started to take the search for sturdy, well-made kicks seriously. “I spent so much time on-line looking for stylish skate shoes but most of what I found were either poorly made or way too commercial. When I did find a style that suited my lifestyle and my taste I’d tell everyone how great they were…then someone suggested I set up a shop. I listened, and the rest is history!”

Starting off with twenty of her top styles, Eckhardt set up a successful eBay shop and is now launching this new site Sidekicks, concentrating predominantly on her six feature shoes. “I have so much faith in the brands and styles I’m selling, as long as I have one of each of them in my wardrobe I honestly don’t need anything else. Although new colours and fabrics are released every season and I’m a sucker for those.” Eckhart has some loyal customers who won’t buy their shoes anywhere else. “One guy in Ecuador bought his first pair from me just a month after I’d set up the eBay store and now owns at least one of each style. He sends me photos of him when he gets a new pair, I love seeing my customers wearing my shoes and doing what they love. It’s like a cool little like-minded community…one of my long standing customers even sent me a skateboard she’d designed, how awesome is that?!’